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jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Plan Regions Wall Cleanups and Large Coordinates - The Revit Clinic

Plan Regions Wall Cleanups and Large Coordinates - The Revit Clinic: "

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The symptom of this condition are wall cleanups which vary from view to view. For example a primary view and a dependent view. If you come across walls not cleaning up as expected in one view let's look at the following scenario:


Let's take a Revit plan view which contained an object well over the 2 mile origin at some point. When this object was present, the cut line for the view range extended to include this object.

At some point several plan regions were added to this view. Each plan region was set to a different cut plane dimension.

The plan regions captured the large coordinates and this could potentially disrupt wall cleanups. You may also notice that some rooms and room tags are not visible in the view exhibiting this behavior.

Should you come across this, you can resolve it using the following process:

1. Ensure that the object creating the large coordinates has been removed from the project.

2. In the view open the View Properties > View Range, and note the Cut Plane dimension.

3. Then select all of the plan regions in this view, and set the Cut Plane, of the plan regions, to match the same value used in the view.

Once all Cut Plane values match, this resets the cut plane boundary of the view which the plan regions and entire view utilize.

4. After the plan region Cut Plane dimension is reset they can be assigned back to the previous dimensions. This generates a new cut plane boundary and should show the objects, such as walls and rooms, as expected.

Video Example

Source: Plan Regions Wall Cleanups and Large Coordinates - The Revit Clinic

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