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jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Service pack 2 para Autodesk Revit 2010

Se ha lanzado el service pack 2 para los productos Autodesk revit Architecture 2010, el cual trae las siguientes mejoras.
tener en cuenta que unicamente se ha lanzado la version en ingles.
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Mejoras en Revit Architecture 2010 sp2:

Update Enhancement List
Improvements made in Update 2 build (20090917_1515):
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2010 Enhancements
 Annotation objects no longer disappear when panning a view that spans two monitors.
 Improves stability when switching between Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 software and Google
Earth™ software.
 Improves the modification behavior of hosted sweeps (i.e. gutters) attached to joined roofs.
 Improves stability and performance when modifying walls.
 Improvements to shared nested families.
 Improves stability when modifying masses.
 Improves design option rules adherence for walls in different design options and worksets .
 Family and type information can now be read in Autodesk® 3ds Max® software from an FBX® file
exported from a non-English version of Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010.
 Improves stability when adding views to sheets.
 Improves stability when making a design option primary.
 Improves stability of printing views in wireframe mode.
 Shadows will no longer be cropped when a view is printed or exported to a DWF™ file.
 Subscription notifications are now available from InfoCenter.
 Improves stability when reading IFC files.
 Improves stability when opening a project with an inserted TIF image and when importing a TIF image.
 ViewCube® navigation tool and the navigation bar will now display correctly after unlocking thecomputer.
 Improves stability when removing panels from the ribbon.
 Improves stability when cancelling a move, delete or copy command.
 Improves performance of view renaming and the Workset dialog.
 Mass floor schedules will now update when a level is renamed.
 A form element that has a divided surface applied to it will now be correctly generated after a copy,paste, or move.
 Improves stability when exporting to DWG.
 Dimension and spot elevation values will now display correctly in a dependent view.
Autodesk® Revit® API 2010 Enhancements
 Improves stability when subscribed to a DocumentOpened event.
Improvements made in Update 1 build (20090612_2115):
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2010 Enhancements
 Dragging a ribbon panel near a view no longer causes the view to pan.
 Improvements to color fill output when exporting to DWFx.
 All reference callouts, sections, and elevations will mirror when project is mirrored.
 When the sheet view is active, ribbon commands display the correct UI state.
 “Is Reference” Instance Property is available for reference points.
 Commands in Print Preview mode can now be accessed by keytips.
 Improves stability when printing.
 Decal image path is now saved.
 Disables the “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” option when tool already exists on Quick Access Toolbar.
 View Control Bar no longer shows old and new state of commands until the view is redrawn.
 Improved detail level icons in the View Control Bar.
 Improvements to form creation and editing of conceptual masses.
 Improvements to divided surfaces on conceptual masses.
 Improved graphic performance when using View Cube® navigation tool.
 Images will now display in print preview and print correctly.
 Improved stability when printing to PDF.
 Type Selector preview images update for types created by Duplicate Type command.
 Type Selector will remain added to Quick Access Toolbar when opening a new Autodesk Revit
Architecture session.
 When multiple contextual tabs are available, the proper contextual tab will be displayed when clicking
on the Options Bar.
 Improved stability when multiple sessions of Autodesk Revit Architecture are running.
 Duplicate icons from ribbon and application frame no longer appear in the Options Bar.
 Improved stability when plotting or exporting.
 Alt+Numeric keypad entries will create the expected special text character.
 Improved ribbon display issues.
 TIFF images will display correctly in plan after project is reopened.
 Relinquish all when closing a local file now works if there is a new view, family, or workset in the project.
 Selecting Boundary when creating a ramp or stair no longer reverts back to Run option.
 Flip controls are now available in the Detail Component family editor.
 ADSK file from Autodesk® Inventor® software no longer loses custom UCS information in AutodeskRevit Architecture.
 Application frame size is saved between sessions.
 Reveal Hidden Elements and select keyboard shortcut enabled in family environment.
 Select previous keyboard shortcut is now available.
 Raster export to DWF™ format will follow quality settings.
 On Quick Access Toolbar, moved Sync to Central command next to Save command.
 Improved visibility of Tab highlights when in thin line mode.
 Modified section and elevation command icons.
 Room/Area Tag, Column, Keynote Tag, and Component/Repeating Detail/Legend Component dropdown
buttons on the ribbon will now reflect the last-used command.
 Improved precision of parameters in families using type catalogs.
 Improved display of shadows.
 Improvements to IFC export.
 Improved display of color fills in elevation views.
 In Export to AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software dialog, location tab now lists the correct setting for angle of
rotation measured from.
 When exporting to TIFF or PNG, the sky alpha channel will now properly drop out.
 Improved wall-by-face creation on imported masses.
 Wall wraps will display correctly in detail views.
 Improved stability when using parallel wall join cleaning switch described in the Revit Performance
Technical Note.

Autodesk® Revit® API 2010 Enhancements
 Suppressed Revit inaccuracies warnings during transaction when generating geometries using massing
 Associated LinearArray's NumMembers property with Family parameter.
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2010 Update Enhancement List

 Dissociated FamilyParameter from Label property of BaseArray and Dimension.
 Provided a tool to update reference path of RevitAPI.dll for samples.
 Provided an update to DistanceToPanels sample.
 Improved stability when creating NewReferencePoint with PointOnEdge that references a ModelCurve.
 Floating point values are no longer reset when crossing from managed code to unmanaged code.
 In the Print API, ViewSheetSetting.Save() no longer raises an InvalidOperationException when the user
removes all views.
 A meaningful exception will be raised when incorrect sketchPlane is used in
 FamilyManager.Set() can now assign ElementId value to parameter.
 Improved stability when using DocumentOpened event and linked files.
 Improved stability of VSTA.

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